GT Prep, SAT1, SAT2 prep

College Seminar

Congratulations to the the class 2025!

Site Location: (No mailing here): 

Super MAP for Feb Test

Many students have just completed the MAP tests, while some are still in the testing process.

Needed to ensure the receipt of important messages
Pretest is recommended for a new student (for placement purpose)

SAT Intensive Prep for May 7

Great news!

SM/Blair/1570/Oct 2021
JS/Richard Montgomery HS/1570/Aug 2021
JL/Marriots Ridge HS/1590/Aug 2021

  • More and more colleges need SAT back for the admissions after reopening.
Needed for assignments
No refund after the start

AP Exam Intensive Prep for a '5'

Congrats to Samuel M (Blair HS)!

He officially accepted MIT by turning off the offers from Yale, Duke, and Stanford sadly :-(

Samuel received "5" on 9 (NINE) AP Subjects.

Needed for assignments

MAP-R Booster for 270+

This is a new class.

Class size: up to 5 students only

Requirement: MAP-R 250+

Objective:  MAP-M 270+

Weekly handouts will be provided.

Flexible schedule (subject to change upon request)


Prep for Magnet/Private HS - The Crossroad to Pre-college

Campsite:  10101 Molecular Dr, Ste 100, Rockville, MD 20850

Objective:  Keeping the best options open

  • Math and Reading (MAP test)
  • Verbal,  Quantitative, Reading, Writing (SSAT)

Test dates:

  • MAP: Sep-Oct
  • SSAT: Oct 14, Nov 11, or Dec 9

Admission criteria:


No-School Day Care

We will close on Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

We will open for care services from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for the needy students on the following MPCS professional days.
We will provide supervision for work and play within our indoor facility.
Lunch will be also included.

  1. 9/30
  2. 10/9
  3. 1/20
  4. 1/27
  5. 2/17
  6. 4/29
  7. 5/25



Ivy Leave Term Paper Review/Discussion

First Paper Assignment

Identify FOUR themes shared among the three following REQUIRED texts: