May I receive a discount after expiration of the discount period?
  • No. Please remember that it's very important to remember to register on time.
Are the assessment tests and class materials modeled after the real tests?
  • Absolutely. Dr. Li has over 17 years of experience in all subjects concerning admission to various gifted programs in every grade level. His teaching materials and assessment tests are reflective of the most current trends and test data.
Is lunch provided free for the summer camp?
  • Lunch needs to be prepared on your own for many healthy reaons.
Is transportation available to the summer camp?
  • For students from Virginia and Howard County, shuttle buses are provided for free. For local students, car pool list will be available.
If my child already receives good grades in school, why does he perform less than expected on the SAT and other standardized tests?
  • Standardized tests are created in order to have a universal gauge for student ability across schools, and teachers. If your child does not perform well on standardized tests despite receiving good grades in school, it simply means that your child does not attend an extremely rigorous and competitive school.
Why are Dr. Li's class and materials more difficult than my child's normal school work?
  • Dr. Li has over 20 years of experience in enriching students' academic lives. His courses are typically designed for advanced students, or students that desire a challenge that their school coursework cannot adequately provide them.

Can I join a class even though it has already started?

  • No in general.
Why are there so many smart students in my child's class going to this program?
  • Dr. Li's programs tend to attract the most ambitious, motivated, and robust students. Oftentimes, they are the best students from the DC-Tri State area.
Can my child receive a special gift for gaining admission to a special program, or scoring above a 2300 on the SAT?
  • Absolutely. Dr. Li provides gift cards in many ranges for exceptional student performance in exchange for the student's testimonial sharing his or her experience.
What kinds of English and Writing teachers are hired here?
  • Only the best. Every teacher hired here must be exceptionally qualified, and undergoes an extremely rigorous and competitive screening process. Dr. Li has been partnering with the best teachers in his various programs for over 17 years in both classroom, and collaborating on creating new teaching materials.
What differentiates Dr. Li's program from lookalikes?
  • Dr. Li's program was the first of its kind to exist in the city of Rockville, and has been running successfully year-over-year for over 17 years and counting. The success of the initial flagship program prompted Dr. Li to eventually expand the program to the entire DC tri-state region. If your child has ever attended a class taught by Dr. Li, he or she will know and feel the difference immediately. Dr. Li's unique combination of enrichment-focused teaching style, competitive and rigorous environment, rapid iteration quizzing structure, and partnerships with the best teachers draw the best students back year after year.
What is so unique about the Online Writing Program? Is it effective?
  • The best writing instructors work directly with your child, using a proven methodology that works. Everything is done from the comfort of your own computer: from essay submission, to receiving custom tailored feedback, the entire workflow is online.
Typically, are Critical Reading and Writing weighed more heavily than Mathematics in admission to gifted programs?
  • Yes, but the reason is not what you think. Most students applying to gifted programs already possess superior math skills. That's why Critical Reading and Writing are factored heavily into admissions decisions. There are simply a limited set of data for which to compare students- thus, English and Writing performance is weighed very heavily.