Hn Algebra 2/Precalc: A Condensed Approach

Instructor: Dr. Li

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In this short course, I would like to

  • reflect and reconnect what you have learned.
  • sort out some common confusion and misconceptions.
  • offer a warm review for the major exam ahead.
  • build some shortcuts into your reflex
    (just like downloading some apps into your brain)

The course will be interwoven with geometry and algebra in parallel. Students will learn the reflection of algebra in geometry, and vice versa.

Algebra 2

  1.     Equations and inequalities
  2.     Exponents
  3.     Complex Numbers
  4.     Functions and Their Inverses
  5.     Polynomials, Radical Expressions and Equations
  6.     Exponential & Logarithmic Expressions, Equations, & Functions
  7.     Sequences and Series

Materials are included.


Sunday 10:30-12:00 

  1. 2/4
  2. 2/11
  3. 2/18
  4. 2/25
  5. 3/3
  6. 3/10
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