GT Core Courses

A school year (about 180 days) is divided into 3 terms (each with 6 days, or 3 months).
Each term has 12 lessons.
Each class will be taught by a GT instructor.
All materials are included.
Parents will receive weekly feedback/update about the student.

  1. Math: problem solving and raven (space/diagram logic), integrated with math count, math kangaroo, and math olympia.
  2. Reading: vocab + fun texts with comprehension challenges
  3. Writing: outline, writing, and revision with grammar lessons

Courses Schedule(4:30 - 6:00)

GT1    Mon   Writing&Grammar
GT1    Tue    Math&Raven
GT1    Wed   Reading&Verbal
GT1    Fri     Phonics
GT2    Mon    Math&Raven (with math kangaroo)
GT2    Tue    Writing&Grammar
GT2    Wed    Reading&Verbal
GT2    Fri      Spelling
GT3    Wed    Math&Raven (with math kangaroo)
GT3    Thu    Writing&Grammar
GT3    Fri     Reading&Verbal
GT4    Wed    Writing&Grammar
GT4    Thu    Reading&Verbal
GT4    Fri      Math&Raven (with math kangaroo)
GT5    Wed    Reading&Verbal
GT5    Thu    Math&Raven (with math kangaroo)
GT5    Fri     Writing&Grammar

Middle School Program
GT6    Mon  Reading & Vocab
GT6    Tue   Math   (with mathcount)
GT6    Thu    Writing
GT7    Mon  Reading & Vocab
GT7    Tue    Math (mathcount)
GT7    Thu    Writing

GT8   Mon   Math olympia/AMC8 (Pre-test required)
GT8   Tue    Advanved Reading + hot vocab words
GT8   Fri     Advanced Writing