Shriya Kalluri / Roberto Clemente MS ⮞ RM/IB

Math:    48
Reading:     52
Reasoning:    47
Writing:    5
When I was accepted into Richard Montgomery’s IB program, I felt happy and proud of myself and the accomplishment. I had worked really hard for it and getting in felt really good.  I had been preparing for many months, and Dr. Li’s classes helped me learn the essential skills I needed for the magnet test.  When I had started preparing, I really liked the IB program at Richard Montgomery, and I really wanted to get it.  I liked the school and the way the program was set up because I wanted an academic challenge at school, and I wanted to learn more.  So I was set on the program and desperately wanted to get it. I started Dr. Li, and it gave me a clear view of what would be on the test and how to prepare.  As we went through the worksheets, I learned new strategies that really helped me during the test.  Dr. Li and Mr. Li taught us many tricks and strategies to use for the math, verbal, and nonverbal sections that made it much easier to solve the problems and answer the questions more quickly and accurately.  The practice tests really helped me increase my confidence when taking the actual test. I was able to take the real test already knowing the format, the type of questions asked, how to solve them, and how to manage my time.  The practice tests helped me a lot when it came to time management because that was something I was scared about.  I wasn’t confident that I would be able to complete all of the questions in the given time, but having a given time for each section at the practice tests helped.  All of this, from the classes and lessons to the practice tests, helped me become much more confident to take the test and I was able to do well.