Ivy Maker for Leadership and Internship

It is never too early to charter your college ambitions.

There are so many things we can work out for you now.

Why you need to wait till regretful?

This advisory program is created for the ambitious starters to map out the college admissions and avoid any missteps and maximize the time investment.

What is unique about our services?

  • We patronize your campaign and marketing for your club/events.
  • We help you to build a club or business to demonstrate leadership for the Ivy qualifications.
  • We help you to acquire very NEEDED internship for each summer.

To enjoy the greatest advantages in your college applications, you MUST plant some early seeds of success. Here is the checklist needed for your dream colleges starting from now on:

  • the needed counsel and support to maximize for your club success
  • the evaluation and comments for each campaign/event
  • the most rewarding (AP) courses (per your career interests)
  • the awards in different categories
  • the directions for your career desire
  • the most innovative ideas to stand out in EVERY line of ANY high schools
  • the action plan of your AP's according to your career needs

Above all, we will help you take:

  • the most valuable extracurricular activities with founder, co-founder, or high ranking leadership roles

What are the ways of engagement?

  • Monthly status report
  • Monthly team meeting (online or in-person)

What do we offer?

  • AP Advisory - a roadmap for your AP selections in 4 years of your high school 
  • We share state of the art in the top colleges.
  • We offer individual consultation upon requests.
  • We host contant (weekly or biweekly) seminars for mind blowing.
  • We will send out reminders for milestones needed by each student.
  • We will keep the portfolio up to date with the student's achievements.

Select your AP Cores and Tests:

Note 1: Don't be limited by your school curriculum. You can self-study any AP subjects to score a "5" in the (May) AP Exams and still earn the AP Awards.

Note 2: You have only 3 years (till junior) to work out your APs before your college applications as the senior AP results will be available after the admission letters.

We offer the prep courses for the following core subjects:

  1. European History
  2. US History
  3. US Government
  4. AP Language
  5. AP Literature
  6. AP Precalc (new)
  7. AP Calc AB
  8. AP Calc BC
  9. AP Stats
  10. AP Computer Science A (Java Programming)
  11. AP Physics 1
  12. AP Physics C - Mechanics
  13. AP Physics C - Electricity & Magnetism
  14. AP Chemistry

How long does this program work?

  • one whole year

What are the direct benefits for the students? Through the interaction and consultation, each student will be expected:

  • More and better AP records
  • More responsible
  • More vigilant
  • More thoughtful
  • More mindful
  • More communicative (outspoken)
  • More in control in any interviews
Camp Site (No mailing here): 
Zoom (Online)
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