Ivy Leaf, 2019

Ivy Literature Extension by Dr. Thomson:

  1. 5/19
  2. 5/26
  3. 6/2
  4. 6/9
  • Each student will be designated with an advisor, who is within constant reach by email or meeting.
  • Each student with parents will have a performance review with the advisor at the end of each term.
  • All materials/handouts are inclulded.
  • Books and supplies are not included.

 From 2nd to 12th grade, this program is geared to outshine any magnet programs and private schools.

Our mission is to keep this door open to the sincere seekers for excellence.

Per-class enrollment is limited to only 2-5 students.

    For more details about this program, click here.

    We are now accepting enrollment for the new term, which only covers the following subjects (dress code required):

    • literature/writing by Dr. Thomson (testimonials)
    • Communication/public speaking/leadership by Michael (testimomials)
    • Math/Science

    Great saving for registration with small credit card amount and using check payment for credit hours, which can be shared within a family.
    $1250 for 25 credit hours
    $2250 for 50 credit hours

    ES: Gr4-5 | MS: Gr6-8 | HS: Gr9-11