Intensive AP Review for a 5 (Five)


The best investment againt grade inflations.

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3 Weeks to win a critical '5'.

3 Mock Exams
3 Reviews (with full instructions)

MC: Multiple choice

FR: Free response

All materials are included. 

Why AP Exams are becoming more important?

Due to rampant nation-wide grade inflation in the past 2 decades, the value of high grades has eroded over time. A high AP course grade on a transcript without an accompanying (high) score in the corresponding AP exam raises questions to admissions officers. Why did the student earn a high grade in an AP course but did not sit for the exam? Were they fearful of a low score because they did not master the material? Was the AP teacher too lax in grading and did not meet AP standards when they taught the material?

It's fair to say that in order to build a competitive academic profile, students must fulfill all 3 of the following requirements in order of importance: 1) enroll in the most rigorous courses available, which will naturally include a high number of AP courses, 2) score highly on the AP exams, and 3) earn the highest possible grades in the coursework.

A student's record of tangible academic achievement consists of 3 components: rigor of program, testing, and grades. The first phase of building a competitive academic record begins with course selection. Competitive applicants must demonstrate that they have challenged themselves by enrolling in the most rigorous course load offered to them in their high schools. Starting in as early as 9th grade, ambitious students are expected to enroll in and excel in AP coursework.

AP courses are the building blocks for any competitive application profile, and high AP scores hold much greater weight than the grades earned in those courses. Why? Because a high AP score has the power to offset a lower grade in a class, but a high grade in a class does not offset a low score. For example, if a student earning a "B" in AP US History and scoring a "5" on the AP exam has greater competitive standing than the student earning an "A" in the course and scoring a "3" on the exam.

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