Helen's Story


When Helen was in the 3rd grade at Lakewood ES, she consistently excelled in her schoolwork. However, unexpectedly, she did not pass the GT (Cold Spring Elementary School) exam. At that time, her parents realized the root cause stemmed from the testing process. So, as soon as 4th grade started, they quickly enrolled her in Dr. Li's after-school program. Surprisingly, this decision by her parents became a turning point in her journey. Since then, she fully attended Dr. Li's after-school classes in English, math, and writing every day for several years, without interruption, laying a solid foundation in English and math. Her educational journey continued smoothly, progressing from Eastern MS to Richard Montgomery HS and eventually to Yale University.

Helen, by nature, was originally a quiet student who didn't like to express herself. After her joining Dr. Li's after-school program, which offered systematic courses in English reading, vocabulary, math, writing, and grammar for 75 minutes every day, her parents and teachers noticed a subtantial improvement in her English and math skills within a few months. She got into a habit of enjoying reading in any spare time, diving into books like Harry Potter and other award-winning literary works as soon as her homework was completed.

While most students may have A grades in school, the lack of practice often leads to panic in exam situations, and Helen was no exception. The materials provided by Dr. Li's program allowed her to practice and excel, and her positive working attitude played a crucial role. She would complete any unfinished homework from class on the same day and tackle more challenging assignments with encouragement from her parents. Year after year, she gradually improved her skills, and she returned to prep the SAT each year after her 9th grade year in high school.

After Helen perfected her SAT by1600, she quickly joined in college application counseling programs. So, she successfully entered Yale University, becoming a widely celebrated success story. Afterward, she continued to drive on, earning a master's degree from Cambridge University and pursuing a Juris Doctor (JD) at the University of Chicago Law School, paving the way for a more brilliant future.