Online Math with Dr. Li


Math talents are most wanted by top college recuriters. Prepare to cash out your math investment by displaying the best combination:
1) math competition activities and medals
2) SAT 1 math score (800)
3) SAT 2 math score (800)

Afte all, what is the goodness of your math skill if you cannot claim the perfect score in SAT math? Or, how good is your SAT score if you cannot claim the trophy of any math competitions?

Unlike the existing mundane online plethora around, Dr. Li aims to help you shoot two birds in one shot:

- to claim the best score in SAT test
- to gain more confidence in math competitions

Each level of course consists of a thorough set: 24 sharpening drills + 3 mock exams + 6 reviews (online lessons).

  • Each drill has 20 questions.
  • Each mock has 58 questions.
  • Dr. Li will offer the reviews, each in 90 min, to cover questions from the drills and exams.

Dr. Li will conduct the lessons through WizIq, a reliable virtual classroom. Through video/audio/whiteboard/equation/graphics, Dr. Li will
- address the theory behind each question
- compare multiple methods in solving each question
- draw correlations among questions
- blow you away by showing the stunning shortcuts

You may use any browser on any platform. You may select preferred time for the lessons. Parents are welcome to observe the math class on their own browsers. 

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