To Master TI Calculator

Dear Parents,

I have seen so many Gr9 or Gr10 students use calculator for "+ - x ÷" only, turning a $150 device to a $5 cheap solar calculator.

Having a TI calculator does not equal to owning the power of the calculator.

It is embarrsing to ask how to use the calculator. But, no schools offer the lesson to harness TI-calculator anymore.

This summer, I am going to offer a big bonus for our campers (rising Gr7 and Gr8) in math.
We will spend about 15 to 20 min each day to harness the calculator.

No need to be fancy.  Does not matter with the colors.  TI graphing calculator is not meant for "+ - x ÷" only. Instead, it is a super math device for learning, high school math success.

However, misconception and taboo have shrouded the its functions.

In this summer, Dr. Li will unleash the power of the super calculator, which will even stun the high school students.
I will teach them
- how to use buttons
- how to edit a command
- how to define a function
- how to compute efficiently using algebra

They will learn algebra, geometry, and beyond.

They will be fascinated by the power of computing.

Any TI-84, TI-84 plus, or above will be fine.
(Not recommended are those models: TI-83, TI-83 plus, TI-86, etc)

Borrow it from siblings or order a "used" one from Amazon.

Here is a TI Project:
Design a single line command on a TI to solve the following problem.
a0 = 1
an+1 = 1 + (an + 1)-1
Find the value of a8.